Have you ever seen a mad scientist building a death ray?

Just imagine this scene…

A dark basement with a single metal table sitting in the middle of the room. The only lighting is a tiny lamp hovering over the center of the room, that casts long shadows over the workstation. On top of the table sits a contraption that looks like a transwarp device from star-trek. Buzzing around the table is a balding white guy with frizzy hair muttering to himself, and occasionally exclaiming things about grape scotch. 

But despite his failing eyes, shabby hands, and lack of sleep, the man keeps frittering away at the insidious device before him. 

Never stopping, only excited. 

What in your world would make you work like that Evil Genius? 

What enflames your nethers so much that you can’t help but begin. 

What gives you more butterflies than that cute little red-haired girl from sixth grade? 

Maybe you should start with that.