Instant Wave of Peace!

I am at my limits.

I’ve gone through two mental breakdowns, am dealing with the emotional backlash of letting go something that I’ve defined myself by for years, played one of the worst concerts of my life (where my conductor asked me if I would be able to play for the choir anymore), and to top things off my Grandmother on my dad’s side, and my Grandfather on my mom’s side both passed away…

…oh, all in the past four weeks.

…This was me at the end of March.

I was driving down the freeway, heading to Bible study and had just reached my emotional limit, and had nothing left with which to fight. My feelings were raging and I needed some peace, some rest, if for a brief moment.

So I prayed.

I asked the Lord to give me peace, but…considering I was also in a spot where I wasn’t sure if God was present in my life, or if it was just some “power of the subconscious” principle that I had used over and over and over.

So in asking for peace, I also asked that the Lord give it to me in a way that I would know could only come from him…

…and I believed he could do it.

Now, I remember when I was praying, thinking about all of the ways God could send peace my way…

…my friends could randomly call me and just know how I’m feeling, talk to me, and invite me to hang out with them.

…I could win tickets to Korea that I never entered for.

…some girl could ask me out.

…I could get super powers (it would’ve been awesome).

But as soon as I finished praying, a wave of peace washed over me. In one of the most emotionally turbulent times in my life, I just felt at peace.

So simple, and not anywhere near what I had thought he would do.

Well played Lord, well played =)