Working When I Feel Like Santa After Christmas

Can you imagine how tired Santa is after Christmas?

…the long days

…last minute deadlines

…problems in the workplace

…all to be topped off with the longest all nighter of the year (according to legend, Santa actually slows down time on Christmas eve, so it’s like pulling multiple all nighters at once).

Just imagine the sheer amount of fatigue that man would have…

Well, I feel like Santa after Christmas, I’m dead tired….

…like super tired, back-aching, mind numbing, sustained only by the coffee I just drank tired. 

I’m not about to collapse on to my keyboard and type “qwiohpauirefhsfdjea” or some other foreign word

But, I’m fatigued beyond everything.

…and the only reason I’m writing this right now is…


I’ve spent the weekend with a bunch of groupies on my family’s cabin on Mt. Lemmon, and over the past three nights I’ve averaged about 4.5 hours of sleep. After finally admitting that I’ve been dropping the ball on these posts I started into writing, hit a wall, gave up from the massive fatigue, and decided to take a nap on the couch (it’s currently 8:30am and I’ve been awake for about 2 and a half hours). 

Well, with the posts ever on my mind I sat down, started praying, and asked the Lord for help in writing this, and He has. 

I immediately felt like I had reached a limit that I personally could not physically surpass, and that I needed him to push me through. I prayed for him to give me ideas, inspiration, thoughts, and words.

…and then I felt him telling me to GO, that despite the fatigue, he will sustain me, he will help me speak, and he will help me write. And my fingers have become an endless fountain of words (good bye blank screen blank stare). 

It’s funny how despite my foolishness this weekend at not getting enough sleep, the Lord is now using it for good, so that this post can exist, and I can know and feel how he can sustain and help me even when I’m physically unable to think of anything myself.

Now, could this post just be a result of my brief break and meditation period which activated the subconscious of my brain and then allowed me, in a brief moment of inspiration to suddenly have a stroke of genius from the recesses of my noggin? 

…it could…

…but I know it’s God. Not because of some irrational mumbo jumbo, hidden voodoo arts, or ancient tattoo on the eyelid hull-balloo that has no scientific basis to exist. But because I’ve felt this sustain from him before:

when I was so overwhelmed that I just needed peace,

…when he asked me to leave my family and minister to a random guy on the street,

…everytime I pray in my closet.

…and many other times.

So I thank the Lord that he gave me the ability to write this post…

…I’m going to go lie down now.