I’m Really Good at a Lot of Things

I’m really good at a lot of things.

Like, super good, fabulously good, amazingly good. I’m so good sometimes I don’t even know what to do with myself. 

  1. I’m a freakin amazing piano player
  2. I’m a professional magician
  3. I can memorize 15 Bible verses in under 20 minutes
  4. I use to get A’s in classes even though I only studied a about an hour before each exam
  5. I could probably double your productive output with a 20 minutes session
    • I could certainly double your practicing output (for you musicians out there)
  6. I’ve written four books, published two of them…
  7. I’ve even ranked in the top 2.5% of the millions of hearthstone players (so I’m REALLY good at that) 
  8. and, Heck, in the past 5 months I’ve even become a pretty good game designer =P (game’s coming out look look look)

All this to say, I’m pretty special.

But, I’ll let you in on a little secret…there’s something I’m better at than anything else…

Super-fabulous-amazing and pretty much God’s-gift-to-mankind-good at…

…this thing I do with such ease that I could do it all day long and endlessly “bless” every person that comes across my path.

Are you ready for this fabulousness?

Well here it is:

“Building a pedestal for myself and becoming a pompous ass.”

…Yep…one of my finer talents. =P

In all seriousness, there is a point to this shameless self-promotion. 

…that is the realization that I can get caught in teenager behavior: running around thinking I’m God’s gift to [insert anything here] feeling like I can go it alone, do anything, and that I don’t need no help from anyone.

God reminded me in my journaling/time with Him that I need to be seeking humility.  I’ve been thinking a lot about learning and growing, and a recurring trend has been humility. 

Which is no surprise as it has been the greatest “growth trait” in my life to-date. 

…and this has been prevalent in my game design.

I’m new to game design, but since I’ve spent a lot of time in the creative world; piano, composing, writing, performing, productivity, magic tricks, etc…, I’ve learned the skill of becoming good, I’ve advanced pretty quickly. I know what it takes to master something quickly, avoid the pitfalls, and get the most bang for my buck time wise. 

But the problem is that I’ve done this mostly alone (my sister has been of great help). 

But, in the end, there’s only so much growth even the two of us can make. I came to the conclusion today that there are other people in this community that I can learn from. That I can become a better designer by talking to, who can teach me lots of different and wonderful things about how games work. 

Which spurred thinking about the greatest growth moments in my life…each one came as a result from humbling myself and submitting to others (usually a teacher). 

They came from uttering those “most distressing” of phrases:

  • “You are right”
  • “Maybe I’m wrong.”
  • “Maybe you are right”
  • “I don’t need to be right.” 
  • “I don’t need to be proven right”

(that last one has been particularly tough for me to accept) 

When I have submitted myself to those more skilled, or even less skilled than me, entered each situation with “I don’t know everything, I’m here to learn, I here to share and serve, and I know you have lessons to teach me.” 

…those have been my BIGGEST moments of growth:

  1. Throwing aside what I thought was right and following exactly as my piano teacher told me (she may have know what she was talking about). 
  2. Heaving my pride away and asking for help on different projects in school
  3. Letting go of my own ideas of leaving the country and letting God direct me where He wants me to go
  4. Giving up the idea of being an “amazing teacher” and humbly coming before my students to serve them

…and so many more.

With each I was stuck in my own realm of what I wanted to do/who I was and that prevented me from listening to or opening up to what other people have to say and teach. 

So maybe I’m not as skilled as I think…

…or maybe I am.

…maybe I think to much? =P 

…or maybe, 

…just one big fat maybe,

…one big fat huge large as the cosmos maybe, regardless of my skill, there is so much I can learn from the people around me: regardless of there skill.  

God’s been reminding me to seek humility. Submit, listen, and learn. 

It’s the point from which the greatest growth has, and always will, come.

When I was reading my bible today, this was the first passage I started on: 

“He [the Lord] leads the humble in what is right, and teaches the humble his way. All the paths of the Lord are steadfast love and faithfulness, for those who keep his covenant and his testimonies.” 

-Psalm 4:10

Every so often I need to be reminded that there are other people out there smarter than me…. =P